FL Schedule
Tax Certificate Sale Schedule
All dates are determined by the seller and are subject to change.

List of properties with delinquent taxes available
Bidders can begin to submit W-9 forms, set Budget amounts and pay deposits

Bidders can begin to submit bids

Registration Deadline1
Deposit Deadline

First batch closes
Last batch closes
Clean-up Batch2
Bidders invoiced for balances due3 After close of last batch
Payment due for purchases
Estimated date refunds of unused deposits will be issued

1 If no Registration Deadline is listed, registrants will be accepted through the close of the last batch. If a Registration Deadline is listed but not a Deposit Deadline, registrants must at least pay the minimum deposit as part of the registration process prior to the Registration Deadline. In this case, additional deposits will be accepted through the close of the last batch.

2 If no Clean-up Batch time is listed, no Clean-up Batch is scheduled for this sale.

3 Invoices are issued once the tax collector has finalized the list of items to be sold and sale results have been generated.

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