LienHub Privacy Policy

Last Updated: February 23, 2017

The Privacy Policy for the Web Portal addresses the treatment of information you submit on the Web Portal, including information about yourself and business you conduct related to tax certificates and deeds.

The tax collectors listed below (the "Tax Collectors") and Grant Street Group ("Grant Street") will treat taxpayer identification numbers (which include both social security and employer identification numbers) and personal financial information including, for example, credit card numbers and bank account information as confidential. (This kind of information is required for purposes of completing the online IRS Form W-9 and electronic payment authorization).

The following Tax Collectors have designated Grant Street as their sole service provider for purposes of conducting business related to the sale and management of tax certificates:

All other information entered on Web Portal will be accessible to Tax Collectors and may be disclosed to third parties by Tax Collectors pursuant to "right to know" or "freedom of information" requests.