BidOsceola 2020 Intro
Sale Date: May 28, 2021
Sale Times are listed on the Auction Summary Page on the LienHub web site.
Sale Location:
1. The Tax Certificate Sale of unpaid 2020 real property taxes will begin on May 28, 2021, with the first batch closing at 09:00 a.m.  The sale will be conducted on the County’s tax certificate auction web site,  Bidders can review the list of properties and begin to submit bids on the web site starting on May 7, 2021 8:00 am EDT.  Computer terminals are available for public use at the Osceola County Public Library locations listed below:

Hart Memorial Central Library
211 E. Dakin Ave.
Kissimmee, FL 34741

St. Cloud Branch Library
810 13th St.
St. Cloud, FL 34769

Buenaventura Lakes Branch Library
405 Buenaventura Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34743

Poinciana Branch Library
101 North Doverplum Ave.
Kissimmee, FL 34758

All libraries are open seven (7) days a week.  Please call the Library at 407-742-8888 for operating hours and information regarding scheduling an appointment.

You must complete the following steps on before you can submit bids:
  1. Complete online registration
  2. Complete IRS Form W-9
  3. Complete Direct Deposit Form
  4. Submit a deposit (online via ACH)
  5. Establish a budget
  6. Receive bidder number assignment
Bidders must register online in order to receive a bid number prior to the sale. No registrations, deposits or payments will be taken in the Tax Collector’s office, though terminals will be provided at the library locations listed above for bidders who do not have access to computers of their own.
2. TEFRA (V2300 Act 1982) requires you to submit the following information in order to receive your bid number:
  • Full Name (your certificates will be issued using this name)
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Social Security number or Federal ID number
3. Bidding may not exceed 18% and will be bid down until bidding stops. Florida Statutes allow for 5% minimum charge, except for “no interest” (0.00%) bids which will award the certificate to the bidder at no interest. Bidders may begin bidding at 18% or lower and bids will be accepted in even increments and in fractional increments of 1/4% only.
4. The successful bid will be determined by the auction software. In the event that there is a tie between several bidders at the winning rate the auction software will make an award using a random number generator.
5. Items advertised may be paid prior to the sale and therefore will be removed from the bid list.
6. A copy of the listing can be viewed and printed from our web site at on May 7, 2021 8:00 am EDT, or viewed on
7. Certificates with a face value of less than $250.00 and current homestead exemption status shall be automatically struck off to the county at the maximum rate of interest allowed by law.
8. Bidding procedure for each parcel being offered:
  • Each item is auctioned in the order listed in the publication. The bidding begins at 18% (the maximum rate) and is bid down. The "winning" bidder's number and rate of interest are recorded. Any item not bid upon is "struck" to the County
  • Bids can be submitted on the web site once the Advertised List is published on the Internet on May 7, 2021 8:00 am EDT. The advertised list will be divided into 9 batches. Bids can be withdrawn or altered at any point up to the closing of the Batch on the day of the sale.
  • Winning bidders and interest rates will be determined by the auction software using a system known as Proxy Bidding.  Proxy Bidding is a form of competitive sale in which bidders enter the minimum interest rate that they are willing to accept for each certificate. The auction system acts as an electronic agent, submitting bids on behalf of each bidder. The result of the proxy system is that the electronic agent keeps lowering the bid to submit by quarter percent increments until you are either the only bidder left, (in which case you get the certificate at a quarter percent lower than the previous bid) or until you reach the floor you have set. Zero percent bids, however, will not be treated as proxy bids. They will be awarded at zero.
  • If you are the only bidder on a given certificate and your minimum rate is greater than zero percent, the electronic agent will submit a bid of 18% on your behalf.
  • In the case of a tie at the winning bid rate, the system awards to one of the tie bidders through a random selection process using a random number generator.
  • In no case will a bidder be awarded a certificate at a rate lower than his specified minimum acceptable rate.
  • Certificates that receive no bids will be struck to the county at 18%.
  • The unofficial sale results for each certificate in a given batch will be available shortly after the scheduled Batch closing time, listed on the Summary Page.
  • Results are considered official once they have been verified by the Tax Collector.
  • Official results will remain available on the web site for a period of not less than one year from the date of the sale.
9. Payment for certificates purchased will be required, by ACH Debit on the Payments Page within 48 hours of notification of total amount due. Upon completion of bidding, the Tax Collector’s office will send an email to each bidder listing the total amount due. This total is an estimate and is subject to verification. If any discrepancies are noted, you will be notified immediately and either issued a refund or will be billed for the balance due. In the event of a default in payment, the certificates will be offered for sale and the deposit shall be forfeited.
10. Please verify that the bidder information you provide the Tax Collector’s office is accurate and exactly the way you wish it to appear on your certificates. This information will be affixed to each certificate you purchase and changes cannot be made at that time.
11. A bidder is entitled to appear as an agent for one or more persons by registering for and placing a deposit for each person or entity.
12. Upon request, you will be provided with a print-out, listing the certificates on which you were the successful bidder. You may sell or assign the certificates you purchased to another individual or entity, by completing the assignment on the reverse side of the certificate. The assignment must be completed in the Tax Collector’s office and be accompanied by a transfer fee $2.25 per certificate.
13. Certificates may be redeemed at the following location:
Osceola County Tax Collector Office
2501 E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34744
(407) 742-4000
14. With the exception of certificates under $250.00, with current homestead exemption, all other certificates not sold at the sale and struck off to the county may be purchased when the list is available. If you are interested in reviewing the county-held listing, please notify the Tax Collector’s office personnel. We will contact you when the list is ready.
15. Those certificates under $250.00, with current homestead, may be purchased when their value together with interest, exceeds $250.00.
16. Certificates will be listed and sold in the order in which they appeared in the newspaper listing and will not be sold out of order.
17. According to the Tax Certificate Sale Guidelines and Procedures, “ certificates shall be sold one by one and not in blocks.” Therefore, a certificate representing one parcel of property as it appears on the tax roll shall be separately auctioned. Groups or blocks of certificates shall not be auctioned together even if there is no objection from the bidders.
18. The Tax Collector and/or sale personnel have the authority to remove any bidder who disrupts or attempts to disrupt the sale. Disruptive bidder(s) will be subject to removal.
19. All bidders at the sale shall have an opportunity to bid the maximum amount.
20. Certificates shall earn interest from the first day of each month beginning June 1, 2021. Certificate holders shall draw no interest during the time the 3% mandatory charge is in effect (April and May), per statute 197.062(3). You will be required to pay the entire bid amount and (for those years when the sale is held in May), if any are paid in May, you will receive only the face value of the certificate. Funds for redeemed certificates will be electronically deposited to the certificate holder's "Direct Deposit" account that was specified in the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit (ACH Credits) on the BidOsceola web site.
21. A future bankruptcy action on a parcel or property on which a certificate has been issued, may affect the face value and amount of interest received. Upon receipt of notification in the Tax Collector’s office of a pending bankruptcy, the certificate holder will be notified.  The Department of Revenue recommends that you file your own claim with the Bankruptcy Court, since any action taken by the court will directly affect your investment. The Tax Collector’s office does not file a claim on your behalf. We are not permitted to dispense legal advice, and advise that you contact your attorney for assistance in filing a claim in the Bankruptcy Court. Department of Revenue rules provide an 8% per annum interest rate on certificates which are cancelled, corrected or changed, for whatever reason, unless the actual bid rate is lower.

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