BidOsceola Letter Dear Investor:

Pursuant to Florida Statute, the tax certificate sale must be held each year "on or before June 1" of the calendar year following the taxable year.

We will be holding an on-line tax certificate sale.  The list of delinquent taxes will appear in the Osceola News-Gazette newspaper and on our site beginning in May -   Please check our internet site for updates.

Bidders register on-line, and are required to make a 10% deposit in order to receive a bid number. The deposit and any balance due for certificates purchased must be paid by ACH Debit on the web site. No other methods of payment will be permitted.

The dollar amount of each parcel still unpaid as of the date of the tax certificate sale is listed on the Bid Page of the web site. Bidding begins at 18.00 percent per annum and goes down. The certificate is sold to the bidder who will pay the amount of taxes and penalties due in exchange for receiving the lowest amount of interest.

At the end of the sale the bidder receives a list of their successful bids and is required to pay the balance due within 48 hours.  Upon request of the bidder and payment in full, we will send the bidder a computer printout of their certificates. No documents are issued. There are no other expenses involved in purchasing tax sale certificates.

Any certificates not sold at the scheduled tax certificate sales are available for purchase at any time on LienHub after the tax sale has been finalized.

We are pleased to announce that our office is currently processing all certificate redemptions via ACH/direct deposit.  Once you have completed the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit you will receive all your monies via direct deposit.

If a certificate has not been redeemed by April 1 (2 years after the sale), the certificate holder may file a tax deed application. At that time, the applicant is required to pay off (through our office) any and all other certificate holders on the same piece of property, the current year's taxes, a title search fee, the Tax Collector's tax deed application fee and estimated Clerk of the Court fees. Once the search is returned to our office, the file is sent to the Clerk of the Court for further processing.  For information about Tax Deed Sales please contact the Tax Deed Department, Clerk of the Court, 2 Courthouse Square, Room 2411, Kissimmee, FL 34741, telephone (407) 742-3526. Tax Deed Applications are filed by the individual certificate holders, at their discretion, if the taxes are not paid after two years. That office also maintains the “List of Lands Available for Sale.”  The Clerk’s web site is

The list of unpaid taxes will be posted on our web site beginning in May. The Florida Statutes may be found online.  The Property Appraiser’s web site is


Bruce Vickers
Tax Collector
Osceola County

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